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What is Paleo diet? pros and cons of Paleo diet

A diet based on the kinds of foods supposed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, vegetables, fish and fruit and excluding dairy or cereal products and processed food. The basic idea is that in paleolithic humans where habitually hunter-gatherers, so they ate what they could get from nature shooting. In some areas, it was more fish and meat and some other extra herbs.
When the Neolithic era started ~10.000 years ago, we became sedentary and began producing crops like wheat and tame animals (like cows). Fast forward we reach the Modern revolution in which everything is about profit, so now even cheese has corn and meats are full of hormones.
The basics of the paleo diet is the phase that take you to eat practices closer to those of the Paleolithic era of foods free of pesticides and hormones, eat more vegetables, fewer carbohydrates, and more fats.
And though it’s a common joke: No.. you don’t need to start hunting mammoths.
Linda Larsen, the popular author as well as follower of The Big Book Of Paleo Recipes says paleo diets focus mainly on the way the ancestors ate. The main goal is to stay away from the grains and processed foods which are manipulated differently when compared with the cavemen period. She further said that the main difference between the diets is respective attitude of them towards saturated fats.
CONS:I think the most significant drawbacks about the paleo diet are regarding the attention it got from the media and businesses, and the fact that almost all the content created about Paleo it’s designed in the United States.
We now have different “Paleo Experts” advocating that X or Y is not good or bad and in consequence a bunch of ridiculous rules.
The other problem this has is that if you research for recipes, you will find that they’re impossible to follow outside the USA (And maybe a few more cities like London). Making the paleo diet seem excessively expensive.

Overall if you reduce your carbohydrate consumption, stop eating processed foods, wheat, bread, and legumes; and instead eat more vegetables, meats, fish, nuts, and “Healthy fats.” You’re going to start feeling better as you will be providing more of what your body needs to function correctly.
My diet consists in a Ton of vegetables and leafy greens, meats, nuts (if I can find in that country) fish coconut oil (again, if I can see) olive oil and eggs. I eat some starchy vegetables (squash or potatoes) on my days while I train more intensely. And that’s it.
Overall most people feel more energy; they don’t feel hungry all the time, less bloated, softer skin reduced pains. Etc.
Final thoughts:
At one point it’s about trying and see how you feel. Change one thing at a time and test if for a week. If you feel better, then keep doing that. If not go back and try something else.
Ultimately the best diet is the one you can follow. There is not, and one diet fits all style. Drop your comments below and let us know what you think of this. Share any points if we have missed. Stay healthy Stay fit and Stay motivated.

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