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How to motivate yourself on off days

I would like to share my experience of my off days, I am sure everyone has those days that just make you think little disappointing. It could be about your relationship, work pressure, family problems or financial problem. It’s not just me it can happen to anyone, and there are simple actions that you could avoid your day not so terrible. No matter how much you try to keep away from the bad days – but let me tell you that’s just part of our life. But I can promise if you take action when you feel the funk you’re in it can and will help you.Firstly My experience says and advice you to relax and calm. Try to do your best at clearing your mind and free up from all the f#$%*() burdens that you have it in your mind. 1. Deep breathe therapy: Sometimes we all know days are not in our favor or I can say it doesn’t want to work in your favor. We as a human being we get panic and all you want to scream or cry or in some time just lose hopes perhaps all negative thing we do but guys not forget to breathe. There is a thin line between breath and a deep breath. It’s crazy the difference a deep breath can make in your perception, patience, and attitude. Deep breathing can help to calm your aggressive thoughts, five minutes to yourself and move forward.2. Try to be passionate about your work/ hobby: Have you ever realized why an athlete or bodybuilder happily earn money or just take an example of an artist (i.e., singer, actor, etc.), let me ask you one question why these people make money quickly, and the answer is they are passionate about what they do? If you follow your passion money will automatically follow you. In whatever your day is whether it’s favorable or not, ensure to be passionate in all you do. It will provide dedication and focus on what you are doing no matter whatever is the circumstances that you may come across. Keep your goals in mind and work towards that and slowly you will start enjoying what you do.3. Be in touch with your close friend: Friends are an instant pain reliever, Call them and have a friendly conversation, avoid talking always about for problems. Sometimes when you talk to your loved once it does magic and helps to relieve some pent-up. Or the best way to go and meet your firn if possible it will help you to get rid of your horse as well as the lof feelings.4. Reward yourself: I have experienced several times no matter how bad is my days, rewarding my self always help me to get out of the low feeling. Does anyone disagree that delicious food, Starbuck coffee or favorite branded dress small little things may turn your mood on is in it guys? When the days are tough on the random, to break it reward yourself. It will give little happiness and allow you to regroup and tackle the rest of the day with had a more productive and peaceful mindset.5. Find Something to Look Forward :Think all the possible way of something that can perk you up throughout the off days and shortly. One small step after the next will take you to where you want to go, you will be surprised at the difference this can make. You will little by little start to feel more motivated. This is what I follow when I am feeling low, hope this will also help to get rid off demotivating feeling in your off days. Stay fit…Stay healthy #OyeGabruu

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