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Easy Chicken Salad Recipe | Quick And Healthy Home-made Recipe

After a lot of research, we have derived this unique recipe. Perfect for muscle gain will help you to recover after a heavy work out session and the best part is it is ridiculously easy to prepare.

However, don’t let this easy to prepare dish to fool you. It is one of the rare dishes which could be a complete power pack full of protein, minerals, vitamins and you can tweak your good carbs requirement for the day. So what are we waiting for let’s get started?To make it easier for you we have both the versions available i.e. video to help you watch us make the best chicken salad ever also we have the text version of the recipe so, you can choose whichever is best for you. COURSE: LUNCH/DINNER | CUISINE: AMERICAN | RECIPE NAME: CHICKEN SALADPREP TIME: 20 MINUTES | COOK TIME: 20 MINUTES | MARINATION: 30 MINUTES | TOTAL TIME: 1 HOUR 10 MINUTESCHICKEN MARINATION INGREDIENTS: 1. 200Gm Chicken Breast2. Half Tea Spoon of Soya Sauce.3. Half Lemon4. Pepper and Salt5. Ginger Garlic.SALAD INGREDIENTS: 1. Lettuce 2. Cherry Tomatoes.3. Cucumber 4. Some Broccoli.5. Purple Cabbage6. Boiled Whole Wheat Pasta.7. Salad Dressing (Thousand Island) 8. Pepper and Salt.DIRECTIONS: 1. In a bowl take 200gms of sliced chicken breast and add all the marination ingredients such as soya sauce, pepper, salt ginger, and garlic paste and don’t forget to sprinkle some lemon juice to give that little tangy and juicy mouthwatering taste.2. Mix them well and make sure chicken is coated properly in the marination.3. Let the bowl rest for next 30 minutes in your refrigerator. This will make the chicken more tender and juicy. 4. Meanwhile, we will shift our attention to another bowl where we have all the veggies. We will roughly chop it as per our requirement. I prefer it roughly chopped some prefer it finely chopped in case if you are going to use this salad as a filling for your taco, tortilla or sandwich. 5. We set this veggie bowl aside. Umm, I can already smell some of the vitamins and minerals smell coming out. Okay, jokes apart let’s go back to our precious little-marinated chicken.6. Time to grill!! Yes, if you want you can use pan spray oil. I am just going to sprinkle some olive oil and toss the tender juicy chicken with all the love into the pan. 7. Cook both the sides of chicken for about 3-4 minutes on medium flame. 8. Once cooked both the sides. You can chop it into little cubes if you would like.9. Toss this cooked chicken into the bowl of veggies and let these veggies and chicken say Hi to each other.10. Also, toss the steamed broccoli and boiled pasta into this bowl to give this salad a touch of good carbs and antioxidants. 11. Add some low sodium salt, Pepper and salad dressing. 12. Mix them well with a spatula. 13. And your high protein chicken salad is ready.14. Now the only thing left to do here is to comment below and give us a thumbs up 👍NOTE: For our vegan friends you can use low-fat paneer or boiled chickpeas instead of chicken. Also, you can add some omega-3s to this by sprinkling some of the chia seeds and that’s totally optional and up to you. NUTRITIONAL VALUE: 
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