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Benefits of fasting for a day

Your body evolved over billions of years from a single cell to a complex human being. Along the way, nature designed it to work with the highest efficiency while also sustaining and growing during challenging encounters.The primary fuel of energy in our body is glucose, and the metabolism ultimately becomes characteristic for glucose, proteins, and fats.When the food is available, the body stores it, when it is not possible, the body uses the stored energy to supply for the needs. Because many functions like the brain, heart, kidneys, immune system, lungs, etc. needs power for continuous working. If any of the stops, we are dead.The body does it very efficiently.

  1. Fat is the best way to store energy because it uses the least space and gives maximum strength. 1 gm of fat provides 9 kcal of energy compared to 4 kcal from carbohydrates or proteins.
  2. Body stores fat close to the liver. Since the liver is the one to make fat and also break fast. So a person putting in weight always puts on weight around the tummy because it is easily accessible to the liver — efficiency at its best.

Fasting once in a week can actually bring you a lot of benefits for the overall health of the body. And provide one with the best options to keep one safe and also helpful in protecting one with the best options for them. Thus, here are some of the benefits that will better help you in understanding the need for fasting for once overall health.

  1. Cellular repair via autophagy. – Your body will self-digest itself, leading to the recycling of old waste proteins and through detoxification.
  2. Increased fat oxidation. – Better use of your own body fat for fuel.
  3. Hastened metabolism. – Your metabolism actually speeds up by 3–14%.
  4. Improved biomarkers. – Reduced cholesterol, lower blood sugar, better insulin sensitivity and no insulin resistance.
  5. Boosted Growth Hormone. – The Holy Grail of longevity and muscle building. It maintain lean muscle mass and burns fat.
  6. Increased life-span. – Fasting increases free radicals that trigger protective pathways.
  7. Protection against cancer and tumors. – Autophagy purges precancerous cells and lowers risk of tumor growth.
  8. Bolstered brainpower. – Protection against neurodegenerative disease thanks to increased BDNF.

And a lot more benefits are there that one may get from fasting on a regular basis as this is one of the best things that will help one in better understanding the need of a person.
Do it under guidance.Most importantly, when you fast aim for health and not for weight loss. Weight loss will be an automatic outcome, but the focus should be placed entirely on the process.Don’t get stressed about the weight loss; enjoy the journey.

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