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7 Things To Do Which Will Speed Up Your Weight loss | Weight Loss Part II

Most of us when we start with a weight loss journey we tend to miss out certain basics of weight loss as we are in rush to lose weight as soon as possible. Let me tell you a bitter truth today. Your body didn’t change overnight just because you eat few extra slices of pizza last night. You have gained weight from eating the wrong food for several years and you cannot expect your body to change overnight. I am not trying to sound disappointing here all I am requesting people here to be realistic and not to rush with your fitness goal. You might be getting married or engaged by next month and you are trying your best to cut down those extra kilos. While it is very much possible to lose enough weight for you to look pretty and good in a month but don’t set the unrealistic goal which at the end could disappoint you and you end up completely losing hope. Rather have a slow and steady move with the realistic and long-term goal because fitness is not seasonal. In our previous article, we spoke about how to go about starting a weight loss programming. Today we are back with it’s Part II. Where we will be looking atfewcritical steps which you should add to speed up your weight loss goal. 7 Things To Do To Speed Up Weight loss. 1. Wait till you feel hungry, avoid eating if you are not hungry.Never do binge eating. Let your body give you the signal that it is hungry. Overeating or over-consumption will keep your energy tank i.e. glycogen always full as a result of which there will be an overflow of glucose and it will start getting into reserves around your body and in long run will turn to fat. Give your body some time, giving some time will lead to depletion of glycogen and when you will eat it will not get stored in reserves as fat. The whole idea of weight loss is to be in the calorie deficit and deplete your energy tank (glycogen) so that your body could start burning fat for fuel as the primary source which continuous eating will never let it happen. 2. Implement intermittent fasting.Intermittent fasting is one of the best and efficient way suitable for most of the people. Through intermittent fasting, one can increase their metabolism which will speed up their fat burning process. Intermittent fasting is one of the proven ways which many people could stick with easily and lose weight. We have our complete article on intermittent fasting which you can check here3. Include Black CoffeeTry to include black coffee in place of sugary coffee with milk. A black coffee prior to your work out could improve your work out efficiency by the significant amount. For those of you who are not going to gym can also include black coffee as it aids in weight loss. Caffeine found in coffee has the ability to break down fat cells and use it as fuel. For complete information on black coffee check out our in-depth article on black coffee which has all the relevant information on how black coffee could help you on your fitness journey.4. Include cardioCardio is very good for your heart and lungs. Cardio will help you to burn more calories. Jogging and running in your nearby park could speed up your weight loss goal by a significant amount. Jogging and running also help your heart. It will able to pump blood efficiently and will lead to increased blood flow which is very good for your body. For those of you who are the regular visitor of gym even better, you can make use of elliptical and treadmill for the cardio and burn the good amount of calorie. 5. Eat Clean This is one of the important aspects of weight loss. You can never achieve your weight loss goal without this. You need to make your eating pattern right and you need to eat right. Without clean eating no matter how much ever you work out it will be of no use. Eating clean means no refined flour, no simple carbs, no fried and spicy food. Try including green leafy vegetables at least 1 bowl of green salad every day if possible. This will provide you with the required nutrients and enough fiber will improve your metabolism and will facilitate fat loss. 6. Rest and sleep properly Your body also requires enough rest to facilitate repair at the cellular level. If you are the person who is working out daily. You need to give rest to your body for at least 1 day. Take a day off from the gym and let your body rest and get into recovery and repair mode. For those of you who are not regular gym visitor however if you are going for jogging and running still you need to take a day off from running and jogging. A complete rest to your body will energize you and will strengthen you. Also, try not stress yourself and take the proper complete sleep of 8 hours. It is the sleep time during which repair process happens within our body. Less sleep will mean less repair meaning body will not perform efficiently. 7. Follow your ideal fitness model and listen to their motivational speeches. You must be thinking why this? Following your ideal fitness model will keep you motivated and inspired. Motivation is the key which will turn your fitness goal into a lifestyle. A motivational speech before the workout could result in a great work out session. Try listening to some music it will keep you inspired and also on track. These were the golden 7 rule which you should follow for a speedy weight loss. As much we love to write for our readers we would also love to hear your experience with weight loss goal and what you think of the above 7 points. It motivates us to bring more and more quality content to ease up your fitness goal.Please share and comment below your opinions. Stay Healthy Stay Strong 

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