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7 Things To Avoid If You Have A Weight Loss Goal | Weight Loss Part III

Few of my friends they complain that “I am doing every possible thing one should do to lose weight; why the heck I am not losing weight?” If this is the kind of question you have in your mind then this is going to be a great article for you. I have been researching on things one should avoid in order to conquer their weight loss goal. Even though we are doing everything right there must be something which we all are missing. Have you asked this question to yourself what is that you are missing that you are not getting results which you should? There is no point blindly hoping that one day you might. When you are putting in efforts make it count and we do so by correcting our mistakes and that where we come into the picture to make your fitness journey a lot easier by supplementing you with the required information which will empower you. When you know in and out of something then it will be a lot easier to get the results. It’s like mastering that favorite Xbox game. So without delaying it further let’s look at 7 things which you should avoid if you have a weight loss goal. Things which are silently messing up with your goal. 1. Eating food as if countdown timer is running in the background. Many people have the habit of rushing while eating. If you are eating your food in hurry you are not chewing them properly. Try to eat slowly and try to sip water in between while having meals. Try to embrace the taste of food. As a result of this, your body will give you a signal that it’s full and no more hungry. This will avoid any possibility of overeating. 2. Having a mentality “One piece won’t hurt” I have noticed many people take a bite of fried food or maybe a sugary cookie thinking it will impact their fitness goal. This is where they do the mistake. This thinking it makes them weak in terms of having control over the taste and will because of which they are most likely to repeat this thing on and on. At the end no results. Hence have a strong will be consistent and stick with your diet. Rather than thinking “You can’t have this” think as “You don’t need this” 3. Drinking fruit juice throughout the day in place of waterSome people think that since they are on diet they can just drink juice as much they want. Let me tell you one thing. The whole idea of weight loss is to stay under the calorie deficit. If you are continuously sipping some fruit juice then you are still gaining calories because most of the fruit juice has lots of natural sugars and lots of calories as well. You need to keep an eye on this and make sure you are under the calorie deficit. Once in a day having your favorite juice is okay but not continuously too much of anything could impact your fitness goal. 4. Going shopping with an empty belly This could be a very bad idea. Especially when you are targeting at losing weight. Going shopping with an empty belly could result in impulsive buying also you may end up buying things which you shouldn’t eat. Your fitness journey depends a lot on your grocery shopping list. You need to stock healthy foods only so that there are no chances of cheating. So please mind this one. 5. Meals with big portion sizesSince most of us we love eating outside in restaurants we have got used to big portions of the meal. Now that you have weight loss goal check your portion size with measuring cups to ensure that your calories intake is under control. Try using small size plates and utensils for serving lunch and dinner. This will trick your eyes thinking since the plate is full we are eating a sufficient amount of food and it has worked for many. 6. Avoid eating carbs only mealIt is very much important for you to have a balanced diet. Even though you are under calorie deficit but if the maximum amount of calories are coming from carbs then it may give you hard time losing weight. It is very important for you to make sure you are getting calories in balanced from all the macronutrients such as fats, proteins, and carbs. 7. Having snacks equivalent to the size of meals. Most of us tend to have snacks as if it is a meal. Snacks should be limited to snacks never have it in a serving size equivalent to those of meals. We think that since we have had our meals in less quantity we have the liberty of having snacks of larger serving size. If you are having snacks in good quantity then treat it as a mini meal and try to compensate by having the meal which has fewer carbs more nutrients and of fewer calories. These are the 7 things which you need to avoid and need to deal with them smartly as mentioned above. Such small things could mess up with your fitness goal silently and you won’t even notice. Please share your thoughts on the article and we would love to hear your experiences with your fitness journey. Please do comment below and share this article with someone whom, it might help and Stay healthy Stay Strong. 

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