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7 Best Foods For Healthy And Strong Hair

We all dream for lifelong healthy, shiny and strong hair and yet we end up with issues like dandruff, dry, frizzy, and hair loss. It’s because we take our hairs for granted and don’t pay attention to our diet. Our diet is directly related to the health of our scalp. Each hair strand contains a fibrous protein called “Keratin” which over the period needs to be nourished for a healthy and shiny hair. Hair being one of the important aspects of our whole personality, hence we need to pay attention to foods we put into our body. After a lot of research and going through several articles I have drafted this list of 7 food items which could improve overall hair texture and health cause we should be little careful before it’s too late and so that we don’t end up in front of the mirror looking bald and confused. So let’s begin…
1. Sweet PotatoesThis tasty and healthy alternative of normal potato is rich in beta-carotene, and this beta-carotene gets converted to vitamin A. If you are deficient in vitamin A, this could lead to dry skin and dull hair resulting in dandruff. You if you are looking to avoid dandruff and dull hair make sure to get your daily dose of vitamin A from foods like sweet potatoes and carrots etc. Also, be extra careful, not to exceed your daily requirement of vitamin A as too much of vitamin could also result in hair loss. 2. SpinachSpinach and similar other dark green and leafy green are rich in iron, which is a vital mineral which is required for healthy and shiny hair. Make sure to include food such as spinach to get the required dose of iron. A deficiency in iron could result in weak hair, and in the long run, it may result in hair loss. Our body requires iron; it facilitates the transport of oxygen and other nutrients to our hair roots. Spinach can provide a good amount of iron and vitamin A which keeps our hair healthy and moisturized. 3. AvocadosInclude foods rich in vitamin E such as Avocados. Vitamin E promotes better blood circulation, and thus it helps in hair growth. We can prepare a healthy salad using avocados. Also, we can turn it into a yummy smoothie. 4. EggsProtein is required by our body for various functions. Our hair is made up of protein, and by this, we can make out how important it is for us to include a sufficient amount of protein in our diet. Especially eggs are not only rich in proteins, but it also has biotin. You must have heard about this Biotin in advertisements and commercials. Biotin promotes overall scalp health. So if you are looking for healthy hair and healthy scalp try to include food items rich in biotin such eggs, almonds, nuts, and avocados, etc. 5. Seeds (Sunflower, Flaxseeds, and Chia Seeds, Etc.)Seeds are rich in healthy fats such as omega-3. Our body cannot produce these healthy fats, and hence we need to take it from food items. Omega-3s nourishes our hair and helps in thickening and strong hair. These seeds have other vital nutrients such as vitamin B, E, Zinc, and selenium which promotes hair growth and shiny hair. 6. Fruits rich in Vitamin C (Orange and Lemon Etc.) Vitamin C facilitates iron absorption, and it is also required for collagen production. Both of these function of vitamin C ensures a proper supply of nutrients to our hair and thereby promoting hair growth and healthy hair. One whole lemon is enough to provide us with our daily dose of vitamin c. 7. Greek YogurtGreek yogurt well known for its high protein content, it also has vitamin B5 which prevents hair loss and hair thinning. Being high in protein it prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth and thickness. Protein is required for the overall health of hair. Try to include Greek Yogurt in your diet if you are facing issues like hair thinning. So if we sum up this article we can make out for complete hair health we need nutrients such as Biotin, Omega-3 Fatty acids, protein, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. By looking at these nutrients we can also decide on other food items which we can include in our diet as per our convenience and availability of food items in our respective area. Please share this article with your friends and family; it might help someone. Meanwhile, Stay Healthy Stay Strong

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